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Do you need a de-mountable Flatbed for your Roll-Off or Hooklift?

We can help you spec a Flatbed to best meet your needs.

Options include steel or wood decking, fold-up or fixed ramp to ease product or equipment unloading, headboard mounted tool boxes, D-rings and removable side racks.

Call us today for a quote!

Example of Flatbed for Hooklift with optional recessed D-rings in deck, fixed ramp, shovel holders and chain/tool boxes.

Example of Flatbed that was chassis mounted, removed & subframed for Hooklift.

Example of Flatbed with a wood & steel combo deck with recessed d-rings, tapered beavertail for Hooklift.

Flatbed for Hooklift

Flatbed for Chain Roll-Off with
2-piece fold-up ramp

Custom Flatbed with removable sides and rear

Flatbed with optional 3-way chain slots and lockable tool boxes

Flatbed with optional wood deck and tapered ramp with traction bars

Flatbed with optional deck-mounted d-rings and lockable tool boxes

Flatbed with no ramp and optional recessed d-rings

Flatbed with rub rail, deck-mounted d-rings and fixed ramp for small Hooklift

Flatbed with special features

Flatbed shown with and without fixed tapered ramp.  Also shows optional special features

Flatbed with optional d-rings on small Stellar Hookllift

Custom specs are welcome - call today!


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