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We are very proud to be your factory authorized distributor in Washington
& Hawaii for Stellar Industries.

Call us today to see how to save time and money with a Stellar Hooklift Loader.

We can service your hoist and offer parts as well.

Stellar Industries provides the largest line of hydraulic hooklift hoists in North America.  With both articulating tilt and sliding jib hooklifts, Stellar offers nearly fifty different models covering a wide range of capacities and body sizes.

When it comes to the Stellar® Hooklift System, the simplicity of design and operation are top priorities.  With a single truck an operator can load, unload or change bodies without leaving the truck cab.  This drastically increases efficiency and productivity while cutting down on operational costs and maintenance.


One truck can support numerous bodies, which cuts cost and maintenance.  This is just one of the advantages of owning a Stellar Hooklift.

* Photos above show a Sander subframed for Stellar Hooklift.
When deciding on a Stellar Hooklift System, you will need to ask yourself a few questions:

1.  What kind of business is the Hooklift going to be used for?
2.  How much weight will the Hooklift pickup? (this includes the weight of the container or flatbed)
3.  If you are dumping materials, what is the shortest and longest body that is to be dumped.
4.  If a flatbed is going to be used, what is the longest body to be used?
5.  Chassis info. (wheel base, GVW rating, axle capacities, etc)

Click on the Stellar logo below to go to Stellar Industries' website for the most current information.


Here are some examples of units we have mounted:

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Do you need a manual and or parts for your Stellar?

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